What We Offer


What is eco-friendly decorating?

We offer a complete range of end to end interior design services which are tailored to suit your living space. From a complete house renovations, updates of existing room scheme, to a new office for you and your staff. Regardless of size and budget, every project is approached with the same meticulous planning and attention to detail.


Greensleeves has taken great pride in transforming family homes and making them a warm environment for all to enjoy.


We provide a specialist service for the workplace, not only designing it with you but ensuring no harmful toxins are present. With you every step of the way.


People are the most important thing to us, and we realise the importance of an eco-friendly environment for people of ALL ages, which is why we apply special nursery-safe paint - to ensure your young ones are protected. Are you pregnant? Then you’d be pleased to know that we have pregnant-mum friendly paint too.