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Greensleeves & COVID

How we battle covid19

During these recent difficult times, the Greensleeves team were working hard on ways they could adapt their business for the future, taking into account our main concern, people.

Owner Lloyd decided to look at what changes were going to be necessary for the customer, the staff and also our products. A lot of time was invested in further-researching our products and extending our knowledge, while carefully identifying the correlation with the environment we live in. It was clear that the main thing to be affected from the virus was the respiratory system, and Lloyd decided that we would start to embrace atmosphere purifying paint – yes it does exist. This clever paint helps to neutralise air pollutants such as those from aerosols, cleaning products, furnishings and solvents by acting as a molecular sieve, absorbing air-borne pollutants for 24-hours a day. This also helps to neutralise and absorb the smell of nicotine.

As well as our products being VOC-free, we have decided to start manufacturing our own cruelty-free brushes and rollers, ensuring no animal fats or similar are used in any of the glues, bristles or piles.

Our staff wear full-PPE and are COVID-tested weekly, to ensure good-health.

We offer isolated services / socially distanced measures in place.

We believe that by maintaining and respecting the social distancing guidelines, we can strive to offer you the Greensleeves service that you deserve.