About Us

GreenSleeves is an Eco-friendly decorating company, which evolved over the past 20 years. Starting out in the late nineties as a man and a van, the company has carefully grown ever since into the customer-focused, environmentally considerate organisation that it is today. Like our carefully selected team of experts, our products are also chosen based upon their impact on the ever diminishing environment around us; Owner Lloyd strives to keep things pure as pure as possible throughout the process. Did you know that most commercial paints use crushed animal bones in their binding agents, not to mention the harmful toxins they emit. You wont find any harmful toxins or VOC’s in the products we use and we also specialise in VOC-neutralisation. We work closely with eco-friendly designers who can attend your property and help you design a look. Once happy the Eco-Warriors who attend your property will complete your work to only the highest standard. Once the job is complete you will be rewarded with your Greensleeves certification sticker (GCS) for your window to certify the decorating process has been eco-friendly. You can now be proud to say that you are helping to save the planet.

ceo Lloyd Dudley